In Vino Veritas

TYPE OF SCRIPT: Full-length
RUNNING TIME: 100 mins (approx)
SCRIPT SAMPLE: [download available soon]
SET: 1 interior set

Jonathan Hampton is on the top of the world. Hotly tipped for a knighthood for his services to Drama, he has been writing acclaimed plays for two decades, and Hollywood now beckons. It is the opening night of his new play “Dare Not Speak” on the West End, and he and his wife India have invited a few close friends for a celebratory supper, while they wait for the critics’ notices to be published.

However, there are surprises in store as it soon becomes apparent that his new play is more autobiographical than anyone realised, and there is no statute of limitations on trial by media.

IN VINO VERITAS is the story of one man’s education in the pitfalls of nascent celebrity culture. Written and first performed in 2005, this play rapidly became a fascinating snapshot of its time, on the eve of the new media revolution, just before 24-hour news cycles and live-blogging became part of the fabric of our lives.

I was once propositioned by a Tory Cabinet minister. He wanted me to tie him to a fire grate, wearing nothing but a pair of blue Don’t Tell Mothers, and do unmentionable things with a Braun nasal hair trimmer and a bottle of household brand condiment… Sadly, I have an allergy to nylon that would require immediate medical attention. My intolerance to Pretty Polly has been the bane of my professional life.


JONATHAN HAMPTON: Aged 45. Playwright. Happily married and respectable.
INDIA HAMPTON: Aged 44. Jonathan’s wife. Runs a PR company. Fun, bubbly and childless.
VINCENT GARRISON: Aged 65. Struggling actor. Was a ‘Hammer Horror’ star in the 1970s.
AIDAN MILLER: Aged 24. Actor. Plays the male lead in “Dare Not Speak”, his big break.
SIENNA CHANCELLOR: Aged 21. Actress. Beautiful, untalented and star-struck. Female lead in “Dare Not Speak”.
BEA SHERIDAN-STONE: Aged mid-late 50s. Star of stage and television. Is revelling in newfound celebrity.
KATHRYN MOUNTFORD: Aged 25. Budding film director. Bea’s niece. Dark and serious. Old for her age.
NICK ARCHER: Aged 45. Jonathan’s agent and oldest friend. Opportunist. Unpretentious.

Act One and Act Two take place in real time, from midnight onwards.

IN VINO VERITAS was first performed at the Covent Garden Theatre in November 2005.

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