Nuclear Family

TYPE OF SCRIPT: Full-length
RUNNING TIME: 100 mins (approx)
INTERVAL: Either one or two
SCRIPT SAMPLE: [download available soon]
SET: 4 Interior sets; 1 exterior set

Greg and Max are a successful, financially secure, happy couple. The only thing missing from their lives is the child they long for. Having tried but failed to adopt, they decide to have a baby, using a surrogate mother. When their friend Abigail offers an ideal solution by carrying their child, they jump at the opportunity. But can their friendship survive the pregnancy, and what is Abigail’s hidden agenda?

NUCLEAR FAMILY examines the legal and emotional pitfalls of modern surrogacy, and asks, in a largely secular society where every family unit is unique and many are dysfunctional, should gay couples be legally prevented from starting their own families? In the 21st century, what is a nuclear family?

“I said a prayer today, at the cremation. You can do that, right? And d’you know what I prayed for? I said to God, I said, I’ve done my best, but she’s your responsibility now, mate. She’s out of my hands. I prayed for a bit of peace, you know? A bit for me.”

GREG – Late 30s, from a ‘good’, home counties family
MAX – His American boyfriend, 31
ABIGAIL – Greg’s best friend, late 20s/ early 30s
CHRISTOPHER -Max’s best friend, 31
MITZY – A close friend, late 30s/ early 40s
CHARLIE -A close friend, early 30s
WAITER – Non-speaking part, any age

The action is divided into three acts, each made up of numerous scenes, though the play is written to ‘flow’ from one scene to the next.

NUCLEAR FAMILY has never been performed publicly before and would be perfect for a one-act play festival or for a Fringe production.

Written in 2005 in response to the glaring inequality still faced by same-sex couples in the wake of the Civil Partnership Act in the UK, NUCLEAR FAMILY draws from real stories to present the struggle to create family units still faced by many couples who are unable to adopt because they cannot offer what the law defines as a “nuclear family”.

To request a perusal script for NUCLEAR FAMILY by Alexander Vail, please email me.