Parisienne Ladies

TYPE OF SCRIPT: Full length
RUNNING TIME:  110 mins (approx)
SCRIPT SAMPLE [download available soon]
SET: 3 interior sets

French authoress Colette first wrote the novella Gigi in 1944, about a sixteen year old courtesan-in-training, and her romance with the man of her dreams, Gaston. At the end of the book (and the film, musical and stage play), she goes against family convention to marry him, a taboo in a family of courtesans. The stage adaptation by Anita Loos (Audrey Hepburn’s first Broadway lead) has been a theatrical gem for over 60 years.

PARISIENNE LADIES is a full-length comedy of manners by award-winning playwright Alexander Vail, which imagines where Colette left off, a while after their wedding. Now still only seventeen years old, she is about to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with Gaston.

What a life it will be, George. Just you and me, and all our money. Just the three of us. What a perfect combination we will make. We will be so happy together! Of course, through marriage I will lose my name. I had grown rather accustomed to Alicia de St Ephlam. Still, Alicia Lachaille has a certain ring to it – a diamond ring! 

SIDONIE: Mid 20s. A beautiful maid in the Lachaille household. Flirtatious, clumsy and funny.
VICTOR: Late 50s. Butler to Alicia de St. Ephlam for nearly thirty years. Lecherous, cynical and shocked by nothing.
GIGI: Aged 17. The young bride.
ANDRÉE: Mid 30s. Gigi’s mother, carefree and self-absorbed actress.
ALICIA: Late 50s. Gigi’s grandmother. Infamous in her time as a grand cocotte, bitter and proud.
GASTON: Late 20s. Gigi’s husband. Successful, suave and in love.
GEORGE: Early 60s. Gaston’s father, recently retired and widowed.
INEZ: Late 50s. Younger sister to Alicia. Socially aware, embodies impoverished elegance.

Act One Scene 1: The drawing room of the Lachaille Mansion
Act One Scene 2: The boudoir of Alicia de St. Ephlam
Act One Scene 3: The dining room of the Lachaille mansion

Act Two Scene 1: The drawing room of the Lachaille Mansion
Act Two Scene 2: The boudoir of Alicia de St. Ephlam
Act Two Scene 3: The drawing room of the Lachaille Mansion

PARISIENNE LADIES was first performed at Beckenham Theatre in September 2002.

Audiences were delighted by the blend of innocence and cynicism, as well as the play’s combination of hilarious action, classic ‘Franglais’ script and faithful interpretation of a well-loved set of characters. PARISIENNE LADIES will be enjoyed by anyone who loved the Anita Loos adaptation of Gigi.

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