That Stocks Will Stand

TYPE OF SCRIPT : Full-length
RUNNING TIME : 100 mins (approx)
SCRIPT SAMPLE : [download available soon]
SET : 1 interior set, 1 exterior set

Madeleine is hugely successful. A feared and respected magazine editor, she rules her empire with a fist of iron. However, her skills in the boardroom do not translate, and her family life is a disaster. It is only when she hosts a major work event at home, surrounded by her family, that we see she has devastated the lives of those around her.

THAT STOCKS WILL STAND is a full-length drama by award-winning playwright Alexander Vail: a character study of a family in freefall as a domineering character unravels. In this play, the audience have the chance to piece together the causes and effects of Madeleine’s character as she joins the ranks of the great monsters of the stage, including Lady Macbeth, Big Momma and Martha.

Subsequently, ‘the patient’, as I shall now be perpetually referred to, develops further mental deterioration, inability to walk, speech impairment with poor comprehension, and dysphagia – that’s difficulty swallowing. Sorry, darling, it looks like I’ll have to spit from now on.

Madeleine – 50
Graham – 50s
Danny – 20
Becca – 24
Suse – late 40s
Jessica – 20s
Martha – 70s/80s

1. The bridge
2. A little something to take the edge off
3. Marthas and daughters
4. Some small refuge
5. The poets

THAT STOCKS WILL STAND was first performed at Beckenham Theatre in August 2009.

To request a perusal script for THAT STOCKS WILL STAND by Alexander Vail, please email me.